Bearpaw Recap for 2014
Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.
It is with heart-breaking sadness and grief beyond imagination, that I inform you that I lost my husband, Scott Taylor, to a sudden heart attack on March 15th of 2016.

Scott was born on July 10th, 1963 and was 52 when he passed away. Scott had many things on his bucket list that he didn’t get to do.  One of the things he was able to do was to go on his Cape Buffalo hunt with Cody Archibald with good friends (Andrew Pringle & Rad Robertson) of Crusader Safaris in South Africa. He enjoyed this trip so much. And of course, his need for speed drag-racing and his most recent love…farming. But, nothing compared to his love of hunting. 

I am thankful for many things… Scott was back at home when it happened. He wasn’t away racing in the States or physically driving the race car in a race or even on the road driving somewhere. And no one else was hurt.  I am thankful he was able to do as much drag racing as he did and enjoyed farming with him. It was such a shock when I received the knock on our door.  No one can prepare themselves for such news.  No one knew the severity of his trouble. To this day, I want to pretend he is just away racing. 

Scott loved his three children. Brittany, Dallas, and Kaitlyn.  Sadly, Brittany passed away suddenly at the age of 24 years in 2013. Scott also loved his step-daughter Amanda and our two granddaughters: Tayler and Rylyn.

On the back of the funeral service card is a poem that I wrote.  I think it covers all the facets of Scott.
“Here’s to the Man”
Here’s to the Father,
Three kids called him Dad,
All loved by him dearly,
His heart they did have.

Here’s to the Outfitter,
Who has made many friends,
Had the hunt of a lifetime,
When they hunted with him.

Here’s to the Farmer,
Who loved being in the field,
He found peace in the combine,
And hoped for great yield.

Here’s to the Racer,
So smart and so zoned,
He lived for the race track,
Hardly wanting to come home.

Here’s to the Husband,
The man that I shared,
With all the others,
The others that cared.

Here’s to the Busy Man,
A Great man was he,
Taylorized many stories,
Gave us many memories.

Pallbearers for Scott: I had asked all of our guides to bring Scott in and our racing friends carried Scott out.  Honorary Pallbearers were the farmers in the area whom he learned from and he looked up to. 

I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love and support throughout these last 10 months. Whether you were here in person, or email, phone call, on-line guest book, text, letter, card… I greatly appreciated all.

Scott is very much missed and through tears and smiles we celebrated the life of my partner in crime. The one I laughed with, dreamed with, and loved. 

Remember that life is short.  Be kind to those you love and… live. 


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