Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.

Bearpaw's fall 2000 Elk Hunt was Excellent! Good conditions with a very solid elk population. Very responsive bulls gave us one of our best elk hunts. We finished our season by harvesting 5 bulls out of 6 clients. 4 out of 5 bulls were at least 6 points on one antler with the other bull being a 5X4.

Lots of bulls in the 240-250 range in 2000. Should give us an opportunity at 300 or better for elk in 2001.

Bowen Dolhan took our best bull a 315, 6X6 with a 44" inside spread.

Tim Finch harvested a great 6X6

Linda Despot harvested her first elk, a nice 6X5, on an excellent 250 yard shot. Linda also took a 40" moose as well as a 6'6" black bear on her hunt with Bearpaw. You may have noted her success in the photograph on our front page.

Tim Finch harvested a great 6X6 with a tremendous bottom end with veteran Bowen Dolhon.

Bowen Dolhan - 315, 6X6 with a 44" inside spread.

References Fall 2000

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Mark Russell Archery Texas 405-670-1413
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Joe Demchack Rifle P. A. 570-833-5503
Dave Dukich Rifle Maryland 301-898-0145
William Boetcher Rifle Minnesota 612-421-2824
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