Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.

Hot weather put a damper on our Elk hunts in 2001. Warm windy conditions made the Bulls extremely wary. We harvested 4 bulls for 6 hunters with 3 missed opportunities. Some excellent bulls were viewed. Brian Carmines probably had our best hunt with veteran guide Bowen Dolhan. Multiple Bugling Bulls under 200 yards.

Brad Brubach 13 time repeat hunter with a 290 6X6

Unfortunately, a bumped rifle scope cost Brian his 300 point Bull; but... that's hunting.

Chuck Hellier took his 5x5 opening morning in a classic Bugling Confrontation. We have 2 hunters returning in November for another crack at the Elk they missed out on in September (STAY TUNED!!!).

Keith Gellan with a 6X7 305 bull taken from Bearpaw's west private land.


Chuck Hellier Rifle W.A. 509-967-8139
Brad Brubach Rifle P. A. 412-352-7626
Ken Faith Rifle P. A. 814-944-1946
Brian Carmines Rifle S.C. 843-681-4556
Adam Walz Archery W.I. 608-798-1560
Jeff Rossing Rifle W.I. 608-834-9250
Joe Barno Rifle P. A. 215-946-4485
John Moroney Rifle W.A. 509-967-6204
Box 3002
St. Isidore, Alberta, T0H 3BO Canada
Telephone 780-624-4400

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