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Bearpaw's 2000 Moose hunt was a big improvement over the previous season.

10 hunters harvested 8 bulls for a very acceptable 80% success and 100% opportunity.

The moose population is definitely on the way back and should issue quality hunts for years to come. Doug Judy and Rick Turnstall were treated to an excellent display by veteran guide Ben Kunstleben. Both hunters had their bulls called out to within 50 yards, from thick timber.

moose hunting in alberta
Doug Judy with his first moose - 43"

Don Perrin harvested a 42" drop tine bull with Ryan Jones.

Don Smoot and Lee Freed hunted hard but to no avail.


moose hunting in alberta
42" drop tine bull - Don Perrin & Ryan Jones

References Fall 2000

Linda Despot Pennsylvania 814-695-2947
Doug Judy Pennsylvania 814-926-3735
Rick Turnstall Pennsylvania 814-634-0219
Lee Freed Montana 406-873-7390
Tim Freed Montana 406-873-2422
Don Smoot Montana 406-463-2217
Don Perrin California 916-785-6827
Dennis Brown Calfornia 530-671-2426
Tom Hamilton Idaho 208-466-7516
Ed Nevar Wisconsin 608-254-2729
Box 3002
St. Isidore, Alberta, T0H 3BO Canada
Telephone 780-624-4400

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