Trophy Moose with bearpaw in 1997 Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services Peace River Alberta Canada Guiding for White-tailed deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.
Bearpaw's policy of only taking a limited number of moose hunters has allowed us to maintain a high success rate of 75-100 % on our moose hunts. 52 inch Bull Moose

1997 found high concentrations of rutting moose in the dense remote timber in our guiding area. Our moose hunts are done in conjunction with the annual rut when the bulls are aggressively in search of receptive cows. 90% of our bulls are taken using calling as our primary technique. A very exciting method of hunting North America's largest deer.

All of our moose hunters with the exception of one had an opportunity to take a bull in 1997 with 5 hunters out of 9 taking bulls. Russ Harrison took the first moose and the largest bull with a 52" spread, a 183 point B&C. Expertly called in by veteran guide Mike White.

Moose in the Snow

Brad Brubach had possibly our best moose hunt in 1997 while teamed up with guide Ben Kunstleben who called 4 bulls to within 100 yards. Brad was determined to take a 50" bull, which is definitely on the upper end of the scale in our area.

Our moose traditionally average 40" with 1 or 2 over 45" per year being the norm. Excellent camp, realistic success rates and excellent wilderness experience ranks this as one of my favorite hunts to offer.



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