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Excellent! Is the best way to describe our Mule Deer hunting in 2001. We took 7 hunters and harvested 7 Mule Deer. The best 191 point "Giant" taken by Chad Herrington with veteran, deer slayer, Chris Gilbert. (Photo on home page) Our average was a very respectable 174 gross. The smallest buck of 150, taken on the first day. The remainder exceeded 165. We believe our Mule Deer hunts are as good as any in the world!

Brad Brubach with 183 non-typical Mule Deer

Jeff Rossing with a nice trophy Mule Deer

Julie Hanson and her beautiful Mule Deer

For more 2001 Mule Deer photos, please check out our Photo Gallery.

Mule Deer Hunting with Bearpaw


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