Trophy mule deer with bearpaw outfitting in 2002 Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.

Our Mule Deer hunt is among the best in North America. 18 Mule Deer hunters harvested 16 Mule Deer, for an average of 172 gross. We are extremely happy with those numbers and foresee the quality improving each year as the age class continues to stack up.

Mark Rayburg 185 B&C
Mark Rayburg 185 B&C

Whether you hunt September when the Mule Deer bucks are in bachelor groups or November during the rut, Northern Alberta is fast becoming the place to be to harvest a buck over 180 B&C points.

Kevin Kegley 176
Kevin Kegley 176

Wildlife Management Units 359, 523, 527 Limited Entry hunting has enabled the superb genetics of the area to be displayed on 26" to 28" heavy antlered 300lb + bucks that inhabit the drainages along the Peace River.

Brad Bruback 180 B&C
Brad Bruback 180 B&C

Don't delay in booking your hunt because as you can see by the Mule Deer harvested this fall, the deer we missed, will even be bigger next year.

Mule Deer Hunting with Bearpaw


Mark Erspamer Texas Rifle 979-282-2515
Sam Syring Texas Rifle 830-281-2940
Dave Doss West Virginia Rifle 276-429-5610
Dave Dischner West Virginia Rifle 540-783-5318
Mark Murray Texas Rifle 254-984-2443
Don Sanderson Ohio Rifle 330-722-4606
Glenn Smith Ohio Rifle 330-483-3011
Charles Vincek Texas Rifle 979-532-1914
Mark Rayburg Pennsylvania Rifle 724-335-9836
Joe Vandyke Texas Rifle 936-523-0693
Jim Allen New Jersey Rifle 609-894-9602
Steve Niedzielski New Jersey Archery 908-775-5934
Jim Kelly New Jersey Archery 908-284-0778
Mark Mellinger New Jersey Archery 616-435-7586
Todd Kersten New Jersey Archery 908-541-9241
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St. Isidore, Alberta, T0H 3BO Canada
Telephone 780-624-4400

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