Bearpaw Outfitting Whitetails 1996 Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.

Dave Morris and His Whitetail Once again our 1996 Whitetail season was a success (80% success with an average of 154 B&C gross).

Our first hunt produced our biggest buck of the year which was harvested by Dave Morris; 187 point B&C, 15 point typical Large Photo 42 KB. Three time repeat hunter Fred Meyer harvested a great buck scoring 167 B&C with veteran guide Bob Voth. This northern monster weighed an incredible 336 lbs. live weight making it our heaviest scale weighed buck in the last 10 years. George Tompkins and Tim Shaeffer rounded out the week with a pair of great bucks; a 154 5x5 and a tremendous 152 point 4x4.

Tim Schaeffer and His Whitetail

Our second hunt was excellent with a 90% success rate and an average of 152 B&C gross. This group of hunters who have hunted with us for the past four years spent some long cold hours on stand. Many Outfitters across western Canada struggled on this hunt due to the deep snow and cold temperatures. We prevailed due to the dogged determination of our clients to overcome these tough conditions. Terry Lowery harvested a nice buck due to a team effort on a deer drive organized by Dave Nadeau and Guy Bruneau and carried out by Mark Minium and Jim Kearns. Terry made an excellent 250 yd. running shot to fill his tag on the last day of his hunt. Five time repeat client Pete Woeck harvested his first whitetail; a 154 point 5x5, after five consecutive days in the minus 20 degree F weather he took his deer at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Jim nelson with 174 Gross 6x5

Our last hunt was challenging due to the full moon and a tremendous snowfall making vehicle travel impossible. Jim Nelson took a great buck scoring 174 with Bowen Dolhan. Jim made an excellent 250 yd. shot on his great deer. Five time repeat hunter Tom Baine took one of our neatest bucks of the season. His right side scores 80 points, his left side 69 points, clearly damaged in the velvet. He has a mule deer look to his left antler with extreme mass, 7" bases and a score of 165 points. Tom has a knack for taking these character bucks. Two of the best deer Hunters in North America, Dave Foster and Brad Brubach were unsuccessful for the first time with Bearpaw. Both took on big bucks and lost. However this is not likely to happen very often with these two. They will harvest their share of Big Alberta Bruisers in the future.

We finished our last hunt with a 10 out of 13 harvesting bucks averaging 157 BSC gross.

Another excellent whitetail season is on the books. Our key to success is extremely simple. We have assembled the finest guiding staff in the business. Dedication, determination and 100 years of combined guiding expertise has resulted in 100% satisfied clients and 86% repeat clientele. I want to thank our excellent staff for making our '96 season, a success. Thanks to Guy Bruneau, Bowen Dolhan, Dan Dolynchuk, Mike Gowler, Ben Kunstleben, Dave Nadeau, Bob Voth, Mike White, Gord White, and Shelley Duperron.

1997 looks like a repeat of '96 except we are going to enclose some of our stands to facilitate the clients who wish to sit all day.  

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