Bearpaw Trophy Class Whitetails Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.

[] Bearpaw 1995 Peace River Whitetail hunt proved to be a very good season with 24 out of 28 hunters harvesting deer for an impressive 88% success rate.

[] Conditions could not have been better with good cool weather and 6 inches or more of snow. The rut was not a flurry of activity but good movement through the entire season.

[] Our first hunt, which I believe is as good as any, yielded 100% success and a 157 B&C Average. Greg Caldwell harvested our best deer of the year on this hunt, a 173 point B&C buck with a 23" spread and was guided by Guy Bruneau who is one of the finest whitetail guides in North America. Five time repeat hunter Gene Young took a nice 5x5, the other two hunters on our first trip put on one of the most impressive performances of determination I have ever seen. Both suffering from Lymes disease, they refused to let the sub zero temperatures and their less than perfect health stop them. On the last 2 days of their hunt they harvested a 21" 4x4 scoring 152 and impressive 24" 160 5x5 thanks to Bob Voth.

[] Our second hunt saw the Deer actively pursuing does with pre-rut activity in full swing.

Nice Whitetail [] 9 out of 10 hunters harvested deer giving us an average of 90% on our second hunt and a B&C average of 152 B&C.

[] Jim Kearns, Mark Minimum and Brad Bruback all took 150 point class bucks from well placed tree stands in a 24 hour period all using grunt calls.

[] Our last hunt which generally shows us our biggest bucks of the year was hit with terrible weather for 3 days. Ice fog, rain and blowing snow, which unfortunately crusted, made the stalks very tough. Trophy Whitetail president Brent Hunt took a 27" 162 pt. 4x4 on an expertly guided stalk by veteran guide Dave Nedeau. Four time repeat Texan Dave Foster hung his tag on a really impressive 4x4 160 gross 157 net on his fourth day of hunting as well as a giant 30" wide 30" tall 193 gross Peace River Mule Deer with guide Darrel Johnson. Jim and Sherry Moses harvested a pair of 5x5's on two consecutive days hunting. Our last hunt finished with 11 out 14 hunters harvesting bucks 148 B"C gross for 78% success rate.

Two Nice Whitetails []WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN...

[] 1995 was clearly the year of if only, we had hit 'em.

[] 16 bucks shot at and missed in the November hunt for a variety of reasons. Some of which can definitely be related to baggage handlers no less than 4 rifles all of which had been shot the day prior to boarding the plane were way off from 4" to 10" at 100 yards. 11 bonafide Boone and Crocket Bucks were seen by our hunters in 95 as well a 3 Boomer class Mule Deer. Weather brought them out where we could see them and we could not hit them, but that's why it is called hunting, they will be bigger in 96.

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