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"Okay" is the best word to describe our 2000 whitetail season. 34 hunters harvested 26 bucks for a 68% success rate. Not bad numbers but no where near as good as we anticipated. Our overall success rate was 67% with an average size of 154 gross. I felt we should have been in the neighborhood of 80% success with an average of 160+, going into the season.

No shortage of big deer, we had nothing but bad luck with 5 very large deer being shot at and lost.

Ken Vaught of Texas took our best buck at 178 gross, 168 net. Extreme mass and long beams made up a good chunk of the score.

Mike Bruneau with massive 215 non-typical with 60" mass.


Repeat hunters did well this year. Dave Foster took a 29" wide, 168 gross on the third day of his hunt. Jim Moses on his seventh hunt with bearpaw took a 163 gross with rookie guide Gord Lavergue. Bryan King took a 174 non-typical with Chris Gilbert who probably saw more big bucks this fall than anyone else. Jim Nelson scored a nice 160, 5X5 just before he was to leave for home.

Sam Finch and Mike Belosky harvested a pair of 24", 3 1/2 year olds with veteran guide Bowen Dolhon.

Doug Shultz went home with a 177 non-typical with the assistance of guide, Ryan Jones. 22" of the non-typical points on his eye guard make this buck very unique.

Mark Pearce with a fine 165 Mule Deer

References Fall 2000

Bryan King Wisconsin 414-692-6474
Wayne Nevar Wisconsin 608-253-6563
Lee Hubbard Texas 254-939-1642
Mike Beloski P. A. 607-739-5212
Mike Horsley Florida 954-946-7575
Tim McWhorter Georgia 912-890-9640
Tom Baine Mississippi 601-363-3592
Dave Morris Montana 406-837-6780
George Wheeler P. A. 540-464-3153
Jim Moses Georgia 770-854-4331
Ken Vaught Texas 409-441-9513
Doug Schultz Minnesota 507-825-2326
Jim Nelson South Dakota 605-348-5543
Brad Brubach P. A. 724-352-7626
Jake Poloski P. A. 814-965-5641
Sam Finch P. A. 717-278-1506
Gene Yount P. A. 814-371-0582
Dave Foster Texas 903-473-4188
Don Rhyne Oregon 503-638-8100
Tom Mueller Oregon 360-256-1895
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