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Bearpaws' 2001 Whitetail hunt proved to be one of our most frustrating.

34 hunters harvested 28 bucks for a respectable 80% success rate. Our average buck for 2001 was 153 point gross.

Although these are good solid numbers, they are no where near what we expected. Record high temperatures in the Peace River area though the first 3 weeks of November dramatically slowed the visible rut and the feeding pressure was very low.

Jeff Salter with his 172 point - 300 lb Whitetail

Although we saw a number of 140-150 class bucks we only had occasional glimpses the true giants that inhabit our area.

We had opportunities at 6 bona fide 180 class bucks of which 3 were hit and lost. The other 3 were clear misses.

We took two Whitetail bucks over 170 gross. A 175 10 point harvested by first time hunter Gene Wilson with Rookie Guide Chris Broster. The other 170 was taken by another first time hunter, P. A.s' Jeff Salter with veteran guide Mike Bruneau out of a well placed tower blind.

Delana Nelson and Gene Wilson with a pair of great non-typicals at 167 and 174 B&C

Ron and Dave Gleixner took a pair of good bucks with veteran Bowen Dolhan. Gene Yount on his 11th hunt with Bearpaw took a good 184 Mule Deer with Bowen as well.

Guy Bruneau took over our 527 camp from Shane Elliot and collected 3 out of 4 bucks for clients in 527.

Our private land hunts continued to produce excellent opportunities. Ben Kunstleben and Brad Brubach teamed up for another 150 on the last day after hunting two monster Whitetail for 9 days. The only opportunity to shoot either deer was on a Sunday.

It seems like the "Big Boys" were really blessed, many shots were taken and lost, it almost seemed as if there was a way to screw up, we did it. But I guess that's hunting.

I would like to thank my excellent staff for another first class effort. Dan Dolynchuk 11 years, Guy Bruneau 10 years, Ben Kunstleben 8 years, Bowen Dolhan 7 years, Chris Gilbert 5 years, Mike Bruneau 5 years, Ryan Jones 3 years, Kevin Congdon 3 years, Gord Lavergne 3 years and our Rookie Sensation Chris Broster.

Thanks and Good Hunting

References Fall 2001

Brian King MO 762-692-6474
Chad Hemngton TX 281-734-6558
Joe Demchak P. A. 570-833-5503
Ron Gleixner P. A. 814-787-5369
Jeff Salter P. A. 814-834-9411
Jeff Wagstaff TX 210-771-7682
Ron Hubbard TX 254-373-2980
Doug Franks TX 254-774-7999
Matt Southard MD 410-833-4003
Jim Nelson SD 605-348-5543
George Wheeler VI 540-464-3153
Brad Brubach P. A. 412-352-7626
Ron Wilson P. A. 717-957-3552
Sam Finch P. A. 717-278-1506
Fred Armstrong NB 506-529-4105
Johnny Blue FL 850-668-3333
Greg Lipe FL 843-667-8850
Dave Gleixner P. A. 814-781-7918
Terrell McCombs TX 210-479-1743
Lee Hubbard TX 254-939-1642
David Foster TX 903-896-1422
Jack Eben TX 512-754-4011
Jim Moses GA 770-854-4331
Delana Nelson SD 605-348-5543
Tim Shaeffer P. A. 412-257-2593
Gene Wilson P. A. 717-582-2701
Gene Yount P. A. 814-371-8783
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St. Isidore, Alberta, T0H 3BO Canada
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