Trophy Class Black Bear Spring 1996
Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.
Our '96 spring bear hunt was definitely one of our best to date with 36 hunters harvesting 56 bears for 164% success. Although the success rate is impressive, quality was simply exceptional with our highest average in 9 years at 6'4". We harvested 13 bears 7' or larger; 21 bears with skull 18" or larger. Color was down a little from previous years with 30% of our bears colored other than black.

Dan Hill of P.A. harvested the largest blonde bear we have ever taken, a 7'2", 19 4/8 Pope & Young beauty. Dan also set the spring record with 15 different bears sighted in one evening.

Bob Millar's Big Black Bear Not to be out done, partner Bob Miller took our largest bear of the season, an honest 8' black boar which tipped the scales at 485 lbs spring weight.

Tony Morris harvested a tremendous 7'6", 450 lb smoky bear with a 20" skull on his 3rd trip to Canada. This time he was rewarded with 2 nice bears.

Our camp steady, Ken Faith, returned for his 8th trip harvesting another pair of brutes; a 6'10" black and a 7' brown; just another ho-hum trip for North America's leading bear hunter. Ken has taken an incredible 6 bears over 7' with us.

Our 3rd & 4th hunts were all bowhunters (professional bowhunters); as I was very pleased with the good quality of shots taken by the archers on this trip. Bryan Monteith & Mark Mitchell each took 6 ½' bears with their bows with well placed shots. Jim Lambert hammered 2 bears the first night of his Alberta trip. One a 19", 7'2", 375 lb dandy. Hunting partner Larry Osman arrowed a 6' blonde and a 6' brown.

Our last hunt was hampered by wet weather but we still managed to get the job done. Paula Davidson of Tennessee took a beautiful 6 ½' chocolate bear. Paula had hunted twice elsewhere in Canada to no avail. She was ecstatic to see 4 bears in two nights of hunting taking the brown as well as a 6'2" black. I think it is safe to say Alberta will be on her map for any future bear hunts. Not to be out done, husband Ken hammered a 21", 513 lb, 7'10" monster on his last night of hunting.

Nice Blonde Bear

Father & son, Ken & Krae Morgan had a good hunt with Ken taking a blonde & a brown. Krae took a 5'6" black and a 7'2" black. Pretty exciting for Senior High School Student.

Another highlight was Georgia's Jim Moses taking a beautiful 6' grey wolf on his 4th trip with Bearpaw.

On the last day of our hunt in 1996 all 44 baits were active.

Our new lodge proved to be a big hit with the hunters as well as the excellent food put on the table. This made for a very comfortable camp life.

I hold our guides responsible for the excellent season we experienced. 16 hours a day plus, in less than favorable conditions for six straight weeks is no easy task. The new guide on the block, Mike White took over from Mike Bruneau in 1996. We were extremely pleased with his professionalism, effort, and commitment to his clients. The rest of our staff were their usual professionals-Guy Bruneau, Marcelin Bruneau, Ben Kunstleben and Al Beddoes.

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