Trophy Class Black Bear with Bearpaw Outfitters
Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.

Bearpaw's fall Black Bear hunts have become one of our premium hunts for trophy Bear Hunters. The fall season offer the serious trophy bear hunter the highest percentage opportunity for a 18" plus skull. The extremely voracious appetite the bears possess at this time of year allows for multiple mature bear sightings. Nice Black Bear

Success rate has traditionally hovered at 160% on our bear hunts with 1 to 2 seven foot bears, 18" skull or larger taken per week during the spring season. Success is about the same in the fall, however quality is definitely better. On a normal 6 day fall hunt, between August 25 and September 6, 4 to 6, seven foot 18" plus skulled bears are possible and realistic.

1997 was an exceptional year for our fall bear hunters with all of them harvesting bears over 6' 1/2 nose to tail. Our archery hunts saw our clients taking bears on either their first or second night hunting; with 3 out of 6 taking bears over 19" skulls with a bona fide 20" skull being lost. Our, archery hunters harvested 11 bears with 1 wounded for a 200% week. We averaged 11 bear sightings per man the week of August 25 to August 30.

Bear Almost as Large As the Quad
Five clients harvested 10 bears during the week of September 1st to 6th; the smallest was a 5'10" beautiful brown and 2 huge 600 lb, 20 11/16", and 20 13/16" bears harvested by David Foster and Harry Schilling. Both these bears measured an incredible 8' + nose to tail. These bears are comparable to an 11' brown bear or a 200 point whitetail. They were aged at 16 and 19 years respectively. These bears are a testimony to the great bears available in the Peace River Drainage.
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