trophy Black Bear hunting in Alberta Canada Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.

Bearpaws' Spring Bear hunt was one of our best to date. 44 Hunters harvested 68 Bears for another 150% season.

13 Bears exceeding 7" were taken. Putting our average above 2 7' Bears per week.

Our average Bear taken was 6'3" that is an exceptionally high number.

33% of the Bears taken were colored other than black.

We had 3 unsuccessful hunters in 2002 all of which passed on bears, looking for the elusive 7' Black Bear.


Anyone who was in Alberta this spring knows it was one of the coldest springs on record. Many nights the temperatures dipped below freezing. Our hunts were successful due to the perseverance of our clients and the effort of our guiding staff. 3 wolves were taken on this hunt.

trophy Black Bear hunting in Alberta Canada
Guide Chris Broster with James Lugo and his 7' 5, 400lb trophy Black Bear

Rick Shannon took a 7' Bear on our first Hunt with Veteran Chris Gilbert. Ed Werner and James Lugo, first time hunters with Bearpaw took a pair of 7" Boars late in their hunt.

Dennis Pendleton did the "unthinkable" with a 7'7 and 7'8 in the three nights of hunting (First time Bear Hunting). Check out our photo gallery for these two bears!

trophy Black Bear hunting in northern Canada
Father and Son Jim and Dan Studer took 2 Monster Boars with Guy Bruneau. A 7'5 Brown and a massive 7'11 Black 20 year old bruiser on their last night hunting.

Our last hunt was really strong. Doug Raspberry and Mike Vlahovic each took 7' bears.

We rounded out the season with 16 year old Derek Johnson taking a 6'10 and 7' Pope and Young not bad for his first 2 bears.

I cannot say enough about my staff. Special thanks to Guy Bruneau 11 years, Bowen Dohan 7 years, Chris Gilbert 5 years, Chris Broster 2 years and Shawn Raymond 1 year. To a great season.


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Gilbert Adams TX (409) 835-3000
Joseph Bandeaux TX (409) 786-3296
Paul Lucas OH (330) 825-2735
Dale Lutterman PA (724) 832-2505
Rick Versaw PA (724) 836-7468
Rick Shannon PA (814) 944-0375
Ken Faith PA (814) 944-1946
James Werner PA (724) 774-9082
James Lugo PA (724) 775-2391
Al Eades MO (636) 458-0050
Daniel May MO (314) 638-0245
Eric Christopherson MT (406) 388-9011
Don Jones MT (406) 388-6241
Dennis Laventure NH (603) 826-3007
Peter Jewell NH (603) 826-3210
Wilber Boettcher MN (763) 421-2824
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Wade Jones MS (662) 328-1120
John Gibbs MO (314) 213-5836
Daryl Austin MO (314) 569-4005
Tom Haese Wl (920) 776-2144
Jim Studer IA (712) 338-4551
Dennis Pendleton OR (503) 513-6112
Frank Kendall IN (219) 876-8043
Jack Eben TX (512)754-4011
Shane Springs TX (512) 357-6734
Craig Tomich PA (724)310-3066
Robert Daggett WI (608) 297-7002
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