Trophy Class Black Bear with Bearpaw Outfitters Bearpaw Professional Outfitting Services  Peace River Alberta Canada. Guiding for White tailed deer, Black Bear, Moose and Elk.
  Bearpaw's 1999 spring bear season was a success. 40 hunters harvested 66 bears for a success rate of 165%. Every hunter took at least 1 bear. We took 7 bears exceeding 7' nose to tail. 22 bears were colored other than black.

Dave Newcomb with 400lb Black Bear We experienced some poor weather in 1999. Wind, cold, and wet are not perfect conditions for bear hunting, however patience and perseverance prevailed.


Our first hunt saw Ken Faith return and harvest another 7' boar. Don Plooster arrowed a very nice bear with a crossbow.

John Gillis took a beautiful 7'5", 19 3/4", 450 lb. boar with veteran guide Mike White on our second hunt.

Frank Klopp with 400 pund black bear Five time repeat hunter Dave Newcomb took another 7'4" boar his second in two years of hunting on our third hunt.

Seventy year old Frank Klopp took a great 7'4" bear with Kevin Congdon. Brent Bringhurst also took a 7'4" boar as well as a 6'0 brown on the same night of hunting.

Our last hunt was exceptionally good. Ken Vaught took a 7'5". 470 lb., 20" boar.

Bill Bray took 2 bears over 6 1/2 feet and Raymond Scott Sr. set a new record for sightings with an incredible 54, all of which were captured on video.

100% of our 54 baits were active on the last day of our hunt ensuring great hunting in the future. I would like to thank our staff for the great season; Kevin Congdon, Chris Gilbert, Ryan Jones, Mike White, Guy Bruneau, and Suezana Tremblay.

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