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Bearpaws' 17th black bear season was a very good one. Incredible black bear numbers resulted in another 100% plus season.

Bearpaws’ 5 year averages are as follows: 154% averages success 6'4 average Nose to Tail 33% colored bears. 1.75 7' plus black bears per week. Average # of sightings per week is 8.

These numbers have been maintained due to an incredible black bear population and the efforts of the finest guiding staff in the country.

Continuously searching for remote old age class bears and maintaining 75 bait stations annually is a full time task.

Black Bear 7'5" taken by Ken Faith 13 year veteran with Bearpaw Outfitting
7'5" Black Bear taken by Ken Faith 13 year veteran with Bearpaw Outfitting

Bearpaws 2003 spring black bear season produced some great memories for our clients. Bill Clous took our largest black bear of the year, a massive 7'8" 21" green score with rookie guide Jamie Langlois.

Ken faith on his 13 trip with Bearpaw put another 7'5" boar down with Roger Osmond. Pete Woeck harvested an exceptional black bear with veteran guide Chris Gilbert a 7'6" 450 Ib pope and young trophy. Pete also set the record for most sightings in a night at 27 different bears.

First time hunter Denny Bogard maintained a vigil on a great trophy and was rewarded with a 7'5 450 Ib boar with Bowen Dolhan.

Our average bear in '03 was 6'2 nose to tail and 34% were colored a total of 6 seven foot plus bears were taken and our success rate was 137%.

The only stat we don't like is that we sent 4 hunters home without bears in '03, all had multiple opportunities and others passed on the bears they saw or were unsuccessful when shots taken.

Another book Pope & Young Black Bear measuring 6'10" taken by Wayne Roger
Another book Pope & Young Black Bear measuring 6'10" taken by Wayne Roger

I would like to thank my excellent staff for another job well done Guy Bruneau 11 years, Bowen Dolhan 8 years, Kevin Congdon 6 years, Chris Gilbert 5 years, Jamie Langlois 1st year and Roger Osmond for the incredible effort put forth to put his clients on quality bears.

See You Soon,
Scott Taylor


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Denny Bogart Michigan 231-943-4547
Mike Runyan North Carolina 704-650-5379
Don Jones Montana 406-388-6241
Ken Faith Pennysylvania 814-944-1946
Edward Crosby Montana 406-889-5870
Frank Crosby Pennysylvania 570-362-2929
John Wright Florida 407-397-9740
Wayne Rogers Texas 254-898-0156
Douglas Dickens Virginia 540-288-0553
Neil Patrone Illinois 815-675-2588
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Stephen Pung Michigan 517-647-1974
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Tal Gearhart Michigan 517-726-0910
Jim Nelson South Dakota 605-348-5543
Mike Gallagher Minnesota 952-942-9600
Kirby Taylor Kentucky 606-324-5191
James Taylor Virginia 804-501-0131
Mark Cobb West Virginia 304-422-1028
Taso Pantelidis West Virginia 304-422-1028
Rick Shannon Pennsylvania 814-944-0375
Pete Woeck Wyoming 307-234-3361
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