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Bearpaw's 18th black bear season was one our best! Cold spring conditions hampered many of our competition in 2004. Whether good luck or good management we had our best numbers in 6 years.

The Nelson's, Al Kraus, Charlie Russel with Charlie's 7'5" 20" Black Bear
The Nelson's, Al Kraus, Charlie Russel with Charlie's 7'5" 20" Black Bear

35 Hunters harvested 55 black bears for another 160% plus season. We had 7 missed opportunities which easily would have put us over 180%. We had 1 unsuccessful hunter and he was only able to spend 3 days with us and unfortunately had a missed opportunity.

Guy Bruneau & Didier Ardoin 20 13/16" 7'5" square black bear
Guy Bruneau & Didier Ardoin 20 13/16" 7'5" square

Now to the good stuff. 10 bonified 7' plus black bears, 18 Pope & Young bears, 34% colored an incredible 6'8" square average. Hunters saw an average of 9 black bears per week. My favorite statistic is 90% of our harvest was boars over 4 years of age. That is an excellent sign of a healthy bear population and a credit to the quality of our hunters.

Steve Burgess 20 3/8" 7'4" square black bear
Steve Burgess 20 3/8" 7'4" square


Our first hunt was very cool, but the action was solid. George Smallwood harvested a 7'4” Boar with a 19"+ skull in the snow. Chuck and Joe Simpson returned with their 4th trip and were rewarded with 3 nice bears.

7 Hunters 11 Bears

Our second hunt was the 14th bear trip with Ken Faith and was very good. Ken Farmer took two 7' plus boars, both over 19 ½" with veteran Guy Bruneau. John Wright on his second hunt with Bearpaw took 2 second 7' plus 19" boar. 7 Hunters 11 Bears.

Jim Moses on his 8th hunt with Bearpaw filled the camp. Didier Ardoin took a superb 7'6” 20 4/8” bruin with Guy on a last day vigil. Janet Lange took a 6'3” brown and 6'4” black on her first bear trip.

8 Hunters 13 Bears

Our fourth hunt was really exciting as we had three generations of the Nelson Family. Jim and Delana have hunted with us for over 10 years and it was a great experience for everyone. Steve Burgess took a great 7'4”, 20" bear and Charlie Russell harvested another 7'3”, 19" boar with veteran Bowen Dolhan.

8 Hunters 12 Bears

Our last hunt (traditionally the rut hunt) saw the bears actively pursuing sows. Steve Gehret took a 7'3”, 20" boar with Kevin Congdon on his first night as well as a 5'8” black. 4 Hunters 8 Bears.

Randall Henry with his 6'8" 18 2/8" Pope & Young chocolate colored bear
Randall Henry with his 6'8" 18 2/8" Pope & Young chocolate colored bear

George Smallwood 7'2" 19 1/2"
George Smallwood 7'2" 19 1/2"
Ken Farmer with one of his 7'+ Boars
Ken Farmer with one of his 7'+ Boars
Both over 19 1/2"


We are at present 70% booked for the 2005 season. We will be running a spike camp for the spring hunt in 2005 to diminish the travel time to our deep baits.

Due to an increase in insurance and fuel and the weakening of the U.S. dollar we will be raising our rates to $3500.00 U.S. for the 2005 season.

I can not say enough about the effort of my staff continually put forth to insure quality hunts for our clients. Guy Bruneau 13 years, Bowen Dolhan 10 years, Kevin Congdon 7 years, Jamie Langlois 2 years, and our Bush Cook Nick Dimitrov.

Keith Brock 6'10" 18 2/8" P&Y Cinnamoncolored Black Bear
Keith Brock 6'10" 18 2/8" P&Y
Cinnamon colored Black Bear

See You Soon,


7 Hunters - 11 Bears (May 4-9)
Tim Finch
Archery P.A.
Joe Simpson


Rifle P.A.
Chuck Simpson


Rifle P.A.
Kevin Parins
Rifle P.A.
George Smallwood


Rifle P.A.
George Green


Rifle P.A.
7 Hunters - 11 Bears (May 11-16)
Ken Farmer 512-335-6406 Archery Texas
Mike Price 512-918-3475 Archery Texas
Mark Alexander 512-930-3497 Archery Texas
Ken Faith 814-944-1946 Rifle P.A.
Randall Henry 717-540-4692 Rifle P.A.
John Wright 407-858-0157 Rifle Florida
Rick Shannon 814-944-0375 Rifle P.A.
8 Hunters - 13 Bears (May 18-23)
Didier Ardoin 318-640-3927 Rifle L.A.
Lance Ardoin 864-845-8150 Rifle Georgia
Robin Ardoin 337-662-6012 Rifle L.A.
Jamie Clute 770-300-5933 Rifle Georgia
Jim Moses 770-729-4768 Rifle Georgia
Janet Lange 636-332-6127 Rifle Missouri
Chuck Cook 704-321-0747 Rifle Ohio
Rich Gilbert 704-377-5798 Rifle Ohio
8 Hunters - 12 Bears (May 25-30)
Jim Nelson Sr. 605-348-5543 Rifle South Dakota
Jim Nelson Jr. 605-348-1076 Archery South Dakota
Tyrell Jacquot 605-348-5543 Archery South Dakota
Eric Stoncipher 605-381-0066 Archery South Dakota
Charlie Russell 605-720-3327 Rifle South Dakota
Al Kraus 605-394-9663 Archery South Dakota
Keith Brock 806-655-3828 Archery Texas
Steve Burgess 605-343-7258 Rifle South Dakota

4 Hunters - 8 Bears (June 1-6)

Steve Sherman 419-482-2904 Bow/Rifle Ohio
Don Schlater 614-849-2150 Bow/Rifle Ohio
Steve Gehret 937-295-3690 Bow/Rifle Ohio
Mark Gruttenmeyer 636-366-9454 Rifle Missouri
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St. Isidore, Alberta, T0H 3BO Canada
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