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Bearpaw Client Success for Whitetail and Mule Deer

Mule Deer for 2001

Whitetails for 2001

  • Veteran Chris Gilbert with another 150+ Whitetail. (34KB)
  • Ron Gleixner with his 150 Whitetail. (36 KB)
  • Doug Franks with his 158. First Canadian Whitetail.
  • Last day 162 Whitetail taken by Dave Gleixner. (20 KB)
  • Eight time repeat hunter Delonna Nelson with her 158 point bush Whitetail. (35 KB)
  • Jeff Salter with his 172 point - 300 lb Whitetail. (62 KB)
  • A pair of great non-typical Whitetails taken by Delonna Nelson and Gene Wilson. (33 KB)

Whitetails and Mule Deer for 2000

  • Mike Belosky with his 24" wide, 155 - 9 point Whitetail. (25KB)
  • Non-typical double drop tine 172 gross Whitetail taken by Bryan King. (25KB)
  • Success for Doug Schultz with a 177 gross Whitetail. (28KB)
  • Jim Nelson with his 162 B&C 5X5 Whitetail. (27KB)
  • Excellent Whitetail at 152 B&C for Brad Bruback. (34KB)
  • 10 time repeat hunter, David Foster with 168 - 24" wide Whitetail. (25KB)
  • Sam Finch with his 160 5X5 Whitetail. (31KB)
  • A pair of 145 Whitetails with Al Kraus and Ron Wynn. (37KB)
  • Velvet laden Mule Deer taken with a bow by Jim Miller. (42KB)
  • Sheri Moses with Jim's 5X5 164 gross Whitetail. (48KB)

Whitetails and Mule Deer for 1999

  • Mark Erspalmer with a tremendous Mule Deer with 208 gross and 187 net (36KB)
  • Look at Gary Lemke's smile as he poses with his 172 B&C (net) Whitetail (45KB)
  • A tremendous 193 B&C Whitetail with repeat hunter David Foster (47KB)
  • Jack Dillon poses with 182 Non-Typical Whitetail (48KB)
  • Double drop 172 Whitetail harvested by Jake Poloski (46KB)
  • Excellent 150 B&C Whitetail taken by Jim Nelson (50KB)
  • Another success story with a great 160 B&C Whitetail taken by Rob Rycker (46KB)

Whitetails and Mule Deer for 1998

  • Rick Moebes with a fine 176 B&C Whitetail (38KB)
  • Dave Morris is smiling with his success and his 188 gross Whitetail (35KB)
  • Tom Baine has a beautiful 178 B&C Whitetail (54KB)
  • Nice 162 B&C Whitetail (38KB) taken by Joe Hopkins
  • Jake Polaski with his 152 B&C Whitetail (35KB)
  • Mike Bruneau with a great 177 B&C Whitetail (70KB)
  • 170 points awarded for this Whitetail (46KB) taken by Dan Dolynchuk
  • J.D. Andrews and a fine 154 B&C Whitetail (41KB)
  • Rob Ricker with his 172 point, 6X5 Whitetail (32KB) (note the 8" drop tine)
  • Fred kampo and his 166 B&C Whitetail (35KB)
  • Dave Newcolm takes home a fine 158 B&C Whitetail (45KB)
  • 24 inch inside spread on this 158 B&C Whitetail (37KB) taken by Wayne Nevar
  • Not your average Mule Deer, (42KB) scoring 196 B&C taken by Bowen Dolhan
  • Dave Foster scores again with a 170 B&C Mule Deer (38KB)
  • Sam Finch with a beautiful Mule Deer (39KB) scoring 193 B&C

A Small Sample of Bearpaw Whitetail's

  • Dan Dolynchuck's 167, 6x5 Whitetail (44KB)
  • Pete Woeck and his 154 B&C Whitetail (39KB)
  • Taken by Fred Meyer - 168 B&C - 336lb Whitetail (49KB)
  • November 1996 Whitetail (41KB)
  • Lloyd Steele with a 173 B&C Net (184 gross) Whitetail (40KB)
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